About Us

Established in 2021, STO Performance is the realization of my 18 years of expertise in TIG welding stainless steel. As a passionate motorcyclist, I've dedicated myself to perfecting the art of crafting custom exhaust systems. My journey is driven by a desire to stand out from the crowd, and I take pride in the uniqueness of every creation. At STO Performance, I don't just make exhaust systems; I craft experiences that elevate your ride. Each exhaust I create is a testament to my commitment to delivering the extraordinary and setting your Harley Davidson apart from the rest. 

At STO Performance, my commitment to quality is unwavering. I use premium stainless steel and employ precise TIG purge welding for lasting durability. From stainless hardware to brackets, every detail is carefully chosen for excellence. My focus on precise fitment and attention to detail guarantees that each exhaust system I create enhances your Harley Davidson, reflecting my dedication to craftsmanship.

At STO Performance, I blend craftsmanship and performance seamlessly. Using premium stainless steel and precise TIG purge welding, my exhaust systems enhance both the aesthetics and power of your Harley Davidson. Tailored for various motor combinations, my creations strike the ideal balance between artistry and performance, elevating your riding experience.